Mark Crowther of TWIC:

Obviously the cheating allegations are deeply damaging to chess, a point that I don’t think has quite sunk in with the players.

Much of that which has been published is little more than tittle-tattle and personal opinion however. If film exists it needs to be out there.

No-one has satisfactorily explained to me why, if its so obvious that Danailov is signalling to Topalov over at least two and a half years why no action has been taken.

On the one hand people say “he’s definitely cheating you know”, on the other hand they go a bit quiet when I ask “what did you do?” Did you send your second out there to follow him and complain when he did something or even just stand next to him and make it obvious you were monitoring? or maybe your girlfriend with a digital camera? or maybe you saw the signalling and immediately brought it to the attention of the arbiter.

None of these things happened as far as I’m aware and this is the most troubling part of the allegations…


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