Carlsen fully prepared for surprises
By S Rajesh | ENS – CHENNAI
Published: 11th November 2013 01:14 AM
Last Updated: 11th November 2013 01:14 AM

In boxing matches, the two would size each other up before going for the kill. In the same way, the World champion Viswanathan Anand and challenger Magnus Carlsen are testing each other by settling for two short draws.

Who would he rate as his toughest opponent? Magnus Carlsen replied that Anand was his toughest rival as he was the world champion for many years and has been beating all tough opponents in the title matches. Anand too reciprocated saying Magnus was his toughest challenger.

Carlsen was of the opinion that their recent matches did not have a bearing and that he did not have the psychological edge because Anand had not beaten him for almost three years. “Not really. There is no edge. I have some bad losses against him and he has had bad losses against me. Whatever happens here matters. Not the past games.”

Regarding the short draws, Carlsen’s dad Henrik said, “It was more or less expected. The match nerves are there. Now they can relax. Magnus is optimistic as he will play with white after a rest day. He is enjoying this now.” When asked how Carlsen would unwind? “He would like to relax and get some physical activity and play some sports. I would have to discuss with Magnus whether we would go to the resort.”

Susan Polgar felt that the two rivals were still warming up and no player had any psychological edge now. “It would now be a best of 10 game match. No player has an edge and both have prepared very well.”

GM RB Ramesh felt that the players were still warming up. “The players aim to win the championships and not one particular game. Just because the spectators want (Virender) Sehwag to hit a six, he will not. He has to defend a good ball.”

IM V Saravanan felt that Carlsen had prepared very well and he was not surprised at Anand playing the long castle. “Carlsen would have prepared for sharper lines but Anand made his job easier by playing Ne4 which is a solid but quieter move. Anand could have played an interesting line by playing Qf3 but he did not. If he had, the match would have gone on into a full fledged fight.”


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