The 39th Annual Eastern Open took place on 27-30th December at the Westin Washington DC City Center Hotel, 1400 M St. NW, Washington DC.

The event had five sections: Open, U2200, U1900, U1600 and U1300. Top three sections were played over 8 rounds of Swiss system, while the lower two were completed over 7 rounds Swiss. Open section is FIDE rated.

IM Daniel Ludwig convincingly won the Open with 6,5/8 points, leaving the nearest followers full point behind. Ludwig earned USD 2000 for the effort.

Open Section Final Standings:

1. IM Daniel Ludwig 2566 USA – 6.5 ($2000)
2-5. IM Elmir Huseynov 2470 AZE, FM Thomas Bartell 2505 USA, IM Bryan Smith 2507 USA and GM Lawrence Kaufman 2404 USA – 5.5 ($562.50 each)
6-8. FM Ralph P Zimmer 2307 USA, Safal Bora 2161 USA and Jared Defibaugh 2328 USA – 5.0 ($250 each)
9-13. David Filipovich 2183 CAN, Henning J Kjoita 2041 NOR, Dominique Myers 2099 USA, Yuanchen Zhang 2132 CAN and Srinivas Moorthy 1963 USA – 4.5 etc (33 players)

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