Spanish Super Grandmaster Miguel Illescas was Kramnik’s second in Elista while the other Spanish Super Grandmaster Francisco Vallejo Pons served as Topalov’ second. Here are their contrasting views of the match:

Illescas doesn’t have any doubts about the toilet controversy that made Kramnik lose a game by forfeit. “Vladimir has been faithful to his principles. He has performed honestly and ethically. The conditions of the game were changed from the night to the morning, which is clearly insulting. If he isn’t cheating, why did they shut down his bathroom? The correct decision would have been to postpone the game”.

Vallejo considers that “the complaint was serious”, but in any case “Kramnik should have played the fifth game. Saying that he had been insulted doesn’t work. How many times are other sports players insulted? If Danailov’s complaint was mistaken, then the ethics commission, the courts of justice or whoever must take action. But if the Committee was unfair he should have said that before, not when they decide against him.”

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