Game 4: Draw

In the fourth game of the match World champion Hou Yifan had white pieces. As her opponent Humpy Koneru said at the post-game press-conference, White got an edge and was pressing throughout the game – she had to defend the position that was not pleasant for her. In the deep endgame White managed to win a pawn, but there were not many sources left for a fight – both players had a rook and a knight. The challenger defended this endgame well despite being short on time and the opponents agreed a draw. The game finished only at 8pm and this was the longest encounter of the match so far.

After 4 games World champion Hou Yifan is leading with 2,5 points. Humpy Koneru has 1,5.

On the 19th of November the players have a rest day. The match will continue on the 20th of November. Hou Yifan will have white pieces again. The measure of changing the colors after the fourth game has a goal to prevent the same player to have white pieces after each of the rest days throughout the match because this might give her an advantage in preparation.

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Photos from the fourth game and press-conference are in attachment and in photo gallery

Photos by Anastasiya Karlovich and Anna Burtasova with kind permission of FIDE.

Anastasiya Karlovich, FIDE Press officer

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