Pairing schedule

Round one: December 3rd, starting at 14.00

Vladimir Kramnik -Hikaru Nakamura,
Levon Aronian -Luke McShane,
Magnus Carlsen -David Howell,
Michael Adams -Viswanathan Anand.

Nigel Short bye, assisting the commentary

Round two: December 4th, starting at 14.00

David Howell -Michael Adams,
Luke McShane -Magnus Carlsen,
Hikaru Nakamura -Levon Aronian,
Nigel Short -Vladimir Kramnik.

Viswanathan Anand bye, assisting the commentary

Round three: December 5th, starting at 14.00

Levon Aronian -Nigel Short,
Magnus Carlsen -Hikaru Nakamura,
Michael Adams -Luke McShane,
Viswanathan Anand -David Howell.

Vladimir Kramnik bye, assisting the commentary

Round four: December 6th, starting at 16.00

Magnus Carlsen -Vladimir Kramnik,
Michael Adams -Nigel Short,
Viswanathan Anand -Hikaru Nakamura,
David Howell -Luke McShane.

Levon Aronian bye, assisting the commentary

Rest day: December 7th

Round five: December 8th, starting at 14.00

Hikaru Nakamura -David Howell,
Nigel Short -Viswanathan Anand,
Vladimir Kramnik -Michael Adams,
Levon Aronian -Magnus Carlsen.

Luke McShane bye, assisting the commentary

Round six: December 9th, starting at 14.00

Michael Adams -Levon Aronian,
Viswanathan Anand -Vladimir Kramnik,
David Howell -Nigel Short,
Luke McShane -Hikaru Nakamura.

Magnus Carlsen bye, assisting the commentary

Round seven: December 10th, starting at 14.00

Nigel Short -Luke McShane,
Vladimir Kramnik -David Howell,
Levon Aronian -Viswanathan Anand,
Magnus Carlsen -Michael Adams.

Hikaru Nakamura bye, assisting the commentary

Round eight: December 11th, starting at 14.00

Viswanathan Anand -Magnus Carlsen,
David Howell -Levon Aronian,
Luke McShane -Vladimir Kramnik,
Hikaru Nakamura -Nigel Short.

Michael Adams bye, assisting the commentary

Round nine: December 12th, starting at 12.00

Luke McShane -Viswanathan Anand,
Hikaru Nakamura -Michael Adams,
Nigel Short -Magnus Carlsen,
Vladimir Kramnik -Levon Aronian.

David Howell bye, assisting the commentary

For clarification: As the lowest rated player has pairing number 7, according to the tournament regulations, the round this player has the “bye” has been moved to be played as round 9.

Albert Vasse IA – Chief Arbiter

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