This is a historic Superbowl as it marks the first time there are 2 African American head football coaches in the Superbowl.

Right after Billy Joel sung the National Anthem, the Bears scored a 92-yeard touchdown from the opening kick off return. I believe this is the first ever opening kick off return touchdown in Superbowl history.

Bears 7 – Colts 0

The Colts came back to score a touch down on their own when Peyton Manning threw a long touch down to Clark. However, the Colts did not convert the extra point as Hunter Smith botched up the snap.

Bears 7 – Colts 6

The next sequence is stunning. The Bears fumbled the kick off only to have the Colts return the favor in the next play.

With a second chance, Thomas Jones ran right through the Colts defense for a 60 something yard all the way to Indy’s 5. Grossman then threw a touchdown pass to Muhammad to give the Bears a 8 point lead.

Bears 14 – Colts 6

Bears just fumbled again! Benson fumbles and Dwight Freeney recovers. Can you say RAIN EFFECT?

Start of 2nd quarter

There were 2 records made so far. The 92-yard opening kickoff touchdown return is the first ever.

The 4 turnovers by the 2 teams in the 1st quarter is the most ever.

The Colts drove down the field but the Bears defense stopped them. The Colts had to settle for a field goal.

Bears 14 – Colts 9

The Bears could not make much progress in their own drive. The Colts got the ball back and they are now in the Bears’ territory. 1st and goal at Chicago’s 10 yard line.

Colts scored! Will they go for the 2 point conversion or will they settle for the extra point? Extra point it is! Colts take the lead for the first time.

Colts 16 – Bears 14

Bears got basically nothing in their next drive. Now the Colts are driving up the field.

2 minute warning and the score still remains 16-14.

When it seems that the Colts are on a roll, they fumbled! Bears’ ball!

Unbelievable! Rex Grossman fumbled! This is the second time we have a back to back turn over. Indy’s ball!

Bears’ defense stopped the Colts’ offense. The Colts will attempt a field goal and they forgot to call a time out and almost ran out of time. Someone finally called a time out with 2 seconds left!

Bears then called the next time out to try to freeze Adam Vinatieri and it worked! He missed the 36 yard field goal.

Half time score: Colts 16 – Bears 14

In spite of the horrendous weather, Prince puts on an entertaining half time show. I was afraid someone would slip during the performance due to the slippery stage. No malfunction!

It seems that which ever team commits the least turnovers will win this game. The rain definitely caused a lot of turnovers so far.

The Colts dominated the stats as Peyton Manning threw for nearly 200 yards. However, they only trail by 2 points.

Colts start with the ball in the 2nd half.

My kids and I voted for the Blockbuster commercial with the animals as the best commercial so far 🙂 Click here to vote.

Once again, when it seems that the Colts’ offense is on a roll, the Bears’ defense stopped them. Colts settled for a field goal.

Colts 19 – Bears 14

The Bears’ offense went south. Grossman could not do anything. Colts get the ball back and drive down the field. Now the Colts are on the Bears’ 10 yard line.

Bears’ defense did their job again as they stopped the Colts on the 2 yard line. Once again, the Colts had to settle for a field goal.

Colts 22 – Bears 14

Thanks to the foul by Indiana, the Bears have the best field position in a while. They are at the Colts 27 yard line. Now the Bears will try a 44 yard field goal attempt. Made it!

Colts 22 – Bears 17

The Colts challenged a call and they won the challenge. Colts are now at the 50 yard line. Bears’ defense came up strong again. Colts punt and the Bears got the ball back on their own 10 yard line.

Grossman threw an interception and the Colts ran back for a touchdown! This is a back breaker for the Bears. Their defense played so well and the offense has done almost nothing.

Colts 29 – Bears 17

Grossman threw another interception again! Colts’ ball on Bears’ 30. It seems that the Bears are falling apart. It is time to take out Grossman and put in the backup QB.

Bears’ defense did their job again as they stopped the Colts. Bears’ ball inside their 10.

Grossman got the Bears some breathing room but they faced the 4th and 9 situation. With only around 5 minutes left in the game, they had to go for it. Dropped ball! Colts got the ball back on down.

Unless a miracle happens, Peyton Manning and the Colts will win the Superbowl. Even though Dominic Rhodes rushed for over 100 yards, I believe Peyton will get the MVP.

Less than a minute left in the game. Bears’ ball and trailing by 12.

Colts win! Final score 29-17!

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