The 70th birthday of GM Lev Gutman is celebrated with a GM tournament, held from September 21-30, 2015, in Lingen Germany.

The event is a 10-player round-robin tournament with tempo of play 90′/40 moves + 30′ + 30″.

Participants: IM Andreas Heimann GER (2548), GM Stellios Halkias GRE (2538), GM Viktor Mikhalevski ISR (2536), GM Alon Greenfeld ISR (2535), GM Dronavalli Harika IND (2508), GM Misa Pap SRB (2488), GM Alexander Karpatchev RUS (2469), GM Viestrus Meijers LAT (2463), GM Lev Gutman GER (2443), FM Thorben Koop GER (2407),

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