To the FIDE WCC Appeals Committee

Official Appeal on the decision made by FIDE

On 2 October 2006 I received the following decision from FIDE:

“Tomorrow, 2 October 2006, at 15.00, the 6th Game of the World Chess Championship Match a Topalov-Kramnik with the score 3:2 in favour of Kramnik, will take place.”

Thereafter I protested against this decision confirming that you can subtract the sum of USD 5,000 from my prize money under the assumption that the appeal would be rejected as unreasonable. Your decision on this protest/appeal was as follows:

“We hereby acknowledge receipt of your official statement and protest, dated 2 October 2006, addressed to the FIDE President Kirsan Iljumshinov and to this Committee and resolved that it is not an appeal. In this connection, the appeal fee will be not charged on you”.

Although the wordings of “protest” and “appeal” are of similar meaning (the word protest is by the way mentioned in 3.17.1) I once again and for the avoidance of any doubts make herewith an appeal addressed to the WCC Appeals Committee.

Reasons for my protest/appeal:

1. I inform that I am ready to proceed playing the match by reserving all my rights. My further participation will be subject to the condition to clarify my rights regarding game 5 at later stage.

2. I do not agree with the decision made by FIDE and I formally protest against it.
The decisions made on my requests, especially

– the resignation of the Appeals Committee
– open the toilets to the restrooms again

are chrystal clear admissions of FIDE of having taken a false decision. Logically FIDE admits herewith that it was a mistake to start game 5 by violating the rules and regulations of the competition and by changing the agreed playing rules and conditions during the match without my approval.

3. I once again stress that I will proceed playing the match under protest.

Although I protested immediately after game 5 in the presence of the then WCC Appeals Committee Chairman Mr. Makropoulos (protocol has been made by the FIDE Office) I would also like to inform you that immedialtely after game 5 a protest has not been made because the Appeals Committee’s decision was final. In addition the President confirmed this decision. I got the strong advise to wait if a new Appeal’s Committee would be installed which has indeed the possibility to decide differently. Also, as a matter of goodwill, I was giving every possibility to nullify the Appeal’s Committee’s and Arbiters decision in order to declare the result 3:1 and to play game 5 over the board.

I once again confirm that you can subtract the sum of USD 5,000 from my prize money under the assumption that this appeal would be rejected as unreasonable.

Elista, 2 October 2006

Vladimir Kramnik
Classical World Chess Champion Posted by Picasa

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