During the 5th game of the World Championship match between Anand and Topalov, the electricity in Central Sofia went out, causing the playing hall to go dark. The Bulgarian organizer immediately issue an apology to FIDE and both parties.

To: Mr. Georgios Makropoulos
Supervisor of the FWCM
between the World Champion
V. Anand and V. Topalov

Copy to: Mrs. Aruna Anand
Manager of the World Chess Champion V. Anand

Copy to: Mr. Silvio Danailov
Manager of Veselin Topalov

Dear Sirs,

The Organizing Committee of the Match for the World Title in Chess between the World Champion V. Anand and V. Topalov would like to apologize for the inconvenience during the fifth game due to cut in the electricity power supply. It was caused by general failure in the electrical system in central Sofia, which affected also the emergency power generators.

We have taken all the needed precautions to prevent from future incidents till the end of the match.

An official statement by the Ministry of Economy and Energetics and the power supplying company CEZ will be presented to you later on.

Organizing Committee
Ph.D. Stefan Sergiev

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