This letter was sent a few days ago by Bulgarian’s Prime Minister Sergey Stanishev to President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov.

Republic of Bulgaria

Dear Mr. Ilyumzhinov,

I keep following relentlessly the chess match between two famous chess players, Veselin Topalov and Vladimir Kramnik. I would like to express my gratitude for you for securing excellent condition for this meeting.

We all realize the importance of the match; this is a competition of great minds. However, tension linked with complaints of both sides and exercises in putting pressure on the players do not benefit anybody, go against the rules of fair play and raise doubts about sincerity of the match participants. It is no secret that representatives of the match organizing nation often have certain advantages. I firmly stand the idea that political games must not influence situation on the board.

I sincerely hope to see all games of the match played. They deserve global attention, but not due to the reasons that could raise doubts about reputation of the ancient game and professionalism of the players.

I greatly appreciate your contribution to carrying out a proper match that obeys the rules of fair play. I am confident that efforts of the FIDE President will be duly appreciated by all nations engaged in this intellectual contest. First of all, I believe that your efforts will allow the strongest win.

Good luck!
Sergey Stanishev
Prime Minister of the Republic of Bulgaria

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