Check out chess: Learn right moves for fun challenge
Updated February 15, 2017 2:48 AM
By William Case Kidsday Reporter

Chess is a game that takes patience and a solid understanding of rules. You must be patient while learning about all the pieces and how they move. In addition, you must practice and think about all the moves each piece can make. This game is all about strategy, critical thinking and planning ahead — all while having fun.

When you are playing chess, never underestimate your opponent. They could be a grand master (someone who has reached the highest level of skill attainment) or a novice (a beginner). You just might be surprised how well someone plays.

In chess, there are two players and a chessboard. Each of the 16 pieces have point values. Pawns are worth 1 point, bishops and knights are worth 3 points, rooks are worth 5 points and a queen is worth 9 points.

Pawns advances one square at a time, although they can advance two squares during the opening move. They attack diagonally, and each pawn that reaches the opponent’s side of the board can be turned into any other piece, except a king. The bishop can move diagonally for any number of squares. The knight moves three squares in any direction, as long as it’s in an L shape.

The rook can move straight for any number of squares, to the left or right and back and forth. The queen can move like both the bishop and the rook, so the queen is considered the most powerful piece on the board. Finally, the king moves in any direction, one square at a time.

The object of chess is to checkmate your opponent. The “check” is when a piece is one move from capturing the king. A “checkmate” is when a king is in check and there is no way to avoid capture, no matter where it moves.

So grab a chess board and some pieces and give it a try. It is a fun way to spend your time.

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