Round 5 Reggio Emilia
Article by Augusto Caruso and Martha Fierro ( Accademia Internazionale di Scacchi) , pictures by Martha Fierro
We’re at the last game of 2011 ! The most important game of the day focuses the audience’s attention live and on the web,

Nakamura and Ivanchuk start playing quite carefully but in the middle of the game the engine starts!

Ivanchuk takes the initiative and after a shattering 25th move, b5 opens the position and weaknesses around the white king becomes more evident, White’s hope is just an eventual endgame who doesn’t come to expectations, but technically difficult. Black doesn’t give up and keeping the queens on the board, he puts a strain on White; the game is concentrated after the 34th move, when Black sacrifices a whole Rook to drive out the white king.

At the 37th move Black seemed to be stronger with Ng4, but seen that he hasn’t enough time and tries to use a more spontaneous move Qg3, which should bring to a draw. During the last two moves Ivanchuk loses his last opportunities to get a draw and Nakamura gets an unexpected win.

Congratulations to the two strong players who have fought very well to obtain the win. Now the American player is leading the tournament alone and just after him there’s Morozevich.

Morozevich wants a personal revenge after yesterday’s shocking defeat and he plays originally as usual. Vitiugov tries to defend himself as best he can, but the ending with heavy pieces seems to favor White, but we don’t know if Black will find a way to get a draw. Also in this occasion Zeitnot rules and with just few seconds on the clock Black makes a mistake and White wins.
Anish Giri wakes up and wins against Fabiano. The position is weak since the opening and Black’s pieces activity is really impressive after the 19th move . With Rad1 which allowds Bh5, we arrive to a hopeless position for White, just till the devastating Kxf2 (which was a good move even before). At the 29th move… Re3 would have closed the game, but even Giri’s choice is winning. We hope that the resting day will help him for the next rounds!
Marianna Chierici wins with her determination and very hard play against Videnova, best way to finish 2011!!!
Sharevic tries to react to Guramishvili’s strength by sacrificing a pawn in the opening, the payoff isn’t so big, but the Georgian player risk an attack when taking the second pawn, the double piece sacrifice seems quite reckless, will it work? Yes seems to be the answer and at 34th move white plays Rd6 which threats Rxh6: mate! This tournament doesn’t let us without suspense!
Marina Brunello and Maria De Rosa start a hard fight. In the opening Black obtains a pawn but the White’s answer on the 7th rank is enough and Black is force to give up the pawn to break the pressure. The ending seems balanced and a good way for finishing the game is the draw.
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