Local Chess Mates Challenge Grand Master
By KGNS News

Story Created: May 29, 2010
Story Updated: May 29, 2010

If you think you can play chess…you can try testing your skills against the four-time Women’s World Chess Champion. About 40 chess players from Laredo and Nuevo Laredo went head to head with Grand Master Susan Polgar today. It happened at the Harmony Science Center Academy. They’re trying to promote the game here in our area. And Polgar, who once played the legendary Bobby Fisher, says she’s happy to help.

“Chess is a wonderful hobby as well as it keeps the mind fresh for the young. It develops the mind, and for the old, it keeps the mind fresh. It’s great for bonding, it bridges gaps in generation, and crosses all boundaries and genders,” says Susan Polgar, Chess Grand Master.

Tomorrow morning, Polgar will give a lecture to players; and, at 10 .m., there’s a blitz open to the public. You can reserve your spot to play by calling Steven Wright at 237-4886.

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