WGM Lahno won the Amity match against the young Indian phenom GM Negi by the score of 11-7. She actually won all 3 stages of the match. Here are the scores of all stages:

– FIDE time control: Lahno 3.5 – Negi 2.5
– Rapid: Lahno 4 – Negi 2
– Blitz: Lahno 3.5 – Negi 2.5

Here is the official website.

The win brought Kateryna Rs.300,000 (US $6,760 or € 5,150) while Negi Pariamarjan got Rs.200,000 (US $4,510 or € 3,430).

Congratulations to WGM Lahno and to Amity Chess Academy for organizing this entertaining match!
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