6/4/2007 12:33:00 PM

Krasnoyarsk chess players beat Guinness record

Krasnoyarsk chess players have beaten a Guinness record on the number of people playing table games simultaneously. On June 2 “Chess Records 2007” tournament took place in the Central Park in Krasnoyarsk. The tournament organizers tried to set a few records at once.

However, only one record is likely to be registered, as Anatoly Urdaev, president of the Krasnoyarsk Territory Chess Federation, said to REGNUM-KNews. “Initially we set a task to beat our achievement on the number of people playing chess simultaneously. However, our expectations have not come true. Unfortunately, only about 2,000 people responded to our appeal to set a new world record. However, it is quite enough to set a record in simultaneous table-games playing. We were fixing everything that was happening during the tournament. And we are confident of the fact that a new record will appear in the Guinness Records,” Urdaev told.

Here is the full story.

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