Mikhail Botvinnik Memorial 2011

Viktor Korchnoi leading the seniors’ tournament after round six

The Russian Chess Federation is organizing a number of events dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the 6th World Champion Mikhail Moiseyevich Botvinnik (17 August 1911 – 5 May 1995).

Besides the grande event with the World’s top players and a strong open in Sankt Petersburg, the RCF is hosting a seniors’ tournament from 15th to 19th August in Suzdal-Vladimir Oblast. Legendary players from Botvinnik era compete in the round robin rapid tournament with the time control of 25min + 10 sec/move.

Former World Champion Boris Spassky was set to make an appearance but eventually GM Oleg Chernikov took his place.

After six rounds of play Viktor Korchnoi took a convincing lead with five points, full point and a half ahead of the group of players.

Chief arbiter is Yuri Averbakh. The prize fund is 14200 EUR.

Round 6 standings:

1. GM Viktor Korchnoi SUI 2553 – 5.0

2-4. GM Lajos Portisch HUN 2523, GM Evgeni Vasiukov RUS 2455 and IM Aleksander Nikitin RUS 2430 – 3.5

5-9. GM Oleg Chernikov RUS 2402, GM Wolfgang Uhlmann GER 2379, GM Borislav Ivkov SRB 2416, GM Igor Zaitsev RUS 2408 and IM Anatoly Bykhovsky RUS 2354 – 2.5

10. GM Mark Taimanov RUS 2386 – 2.0

Thanks to Mr. Alexander Kentler

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