Emilio Cordova defeated Jorge Cori in local chess tournament
Isabel Guerra

Julio Granda defeated Deysi Cori in the “King of Kings” tournament organized by the Peruvian Sport Institute (IPD).

With this victory he became “King of Kings” in Peru, and won a S/. 10,000 soles prize.

The great challenge between Emilio Córdova and Jorge Cori ended with the defeat of the Under-14 World Champion at Dibos Coliseum, for the first round of a 10,000 prize tournament.

Emilio Córdova came from Mexico for these matches, after the challenge made by Jorge Cori to see who is the best player.

In the other first round match, Grand Master Julio Granda won to Under-16 World Champion Deysi Cori.

In the second round, the Coris brother and sister will play each other, will Granda will face Emilio Córdova.

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