There are strong indications that Garry Kasparov is about to play another exhibition rapid match, this time against his former challenger Nigel Short.

Kasparov destroyed Anatoly Karpov in 2009 which brought to an end to the idea of that being a series. Kasparov still has a strong interest in chess and keeps abreast of developments in the game. He has made it clear that he will not return to professional chess, without ruling out such exhibitions. Nigel Short is still a very active player currently number 54 in the world, he ought to provide stronger opposition than Karpov did.

Now rumours, which seem to have a strong basis to them, suggest that a sponsor wants to hold the match in the Town Hall of Leuven, Belgium in October and that negotiations are under way. As likely as not it will be rapid chess, possibly with a blitz element too.

Source: Mark Crowther (TWIC)

Does Nigel Short stand a chance of beating Garry Kasparov?
More than 50%
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