Garry Kasparov: Suitcase – Airport – New-York
Politics, 20.06.2013 17:40:00 Russian version

Kasparov has said to journalists that he is apprehensive about being persecuted by Russian authorities.

“Now I seriously doubt that I will be able to come back after returning to Moscow. So I will refrain from returning to Russia for a while”, has stated the chess-player.

Soon after it became known that the oppositionist’s sudden departure had been provoked by the summons to the Investigative Committee.

“I am not going to throw myself on the mercy of the Investigative Committee headed by Alexander Bastrykin who deserves the first place on the “Magnitsky List”, wrote Kasparov in the claim posted on his website.

As recently as April 2013, Kasparov asserted that the rumors of his emigration had been exaggerated. However, in 2009 he bought an apartment in New York where his family has been living for four years already.

Garry Kasparov became a politician in 2005 when he founded the United Civil Front. Afterwards, he was a member of the Other Russia coalition and the National Assembly.


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