McPherson student uses game of chess to expand horizons
By LOIS DAVIDSON, Sentinel Staff Writer

For one McPherson Middle School student, chess has become an interesting hobby. Hannah Dalke, a sixth-grader, has played chess since she was in the second grade.

Dalke will get her chance to test her skill during the McPherson Scholastic Chess Tournament Saturday at Eisenhower Elementary School.

“My mom began ordering me National Geographic. In the magazine, there are articles on chess players and pictures of people playing chess,” said Dalke. “It also had things to figure out, like how to get a checkmate in one move.”

Although she has fun participating in chess, it can also be quite difficult.

“You have to really think and think more than one move ahead,” said Dalke. “Mr. (Steve) Kinzel tries to get us to think four moves ahead.”

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