For Immediate Release, May 27, 2014

The newly formed Journal of Chess Research has announced its distinguished 20-member Editorial Board and seven member Advisory Board. The Editorial Board, consisting of 16 educators and four physicians from U.S, Cuba, Great Britain and Israel, will review all submitted articles in advance in order to ensure that contributions to the field meet rigorous academic standards, exhibit technical competence by researchers, and topical relevance. The role of the Advisory board is to provide guidance and advice to the editorial team and to the publisher on an ongoing basis, and includes members from Colombia and Spain.

As announced last month, The Journal of Chess Research will be published quarterly in Lexington, Kentucky, and distributed to university libraries, academicians, chess players, researchers and other interested parties both in printed and electronic formats. Each issue is intended to contribute broadly to awareness and understanding of the impact of chess on human development, psychology, cognition, philosophy, sociology, aging, business strategy, education and technology. Manuscripts that make strong empirical and theoretical contributions to the field of chess-related research are invited from scholars throughout the academic community, both in the United States and abroad, and need not be tied to any particular discipline, level of analysis or national context.

The Journal of Chess Research will be published with support from the Susan Polgar Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization based in Des Peres, Missouri. Inquiries concerning proposals, abstracts and other matters should be mailed to the publication office at:

Journal of Chess Research, 3735 Palomar Centre Drive, Suite 150, Lexington, KY 40513.

Link to the Journal of Chess Research web site

Electronic and digital subscriptions to the Journal of Chess Research can be obtained through membership in the International Society for Chess Research, based in Wellston, Ohio.

EDITORIAL BOARD (alphabetical order)

– William M. Bart, PhD, University of Minnesota
– Jana M. Bellin, MD/WGM, Sandwell General Hospital (Great Britain)
– Ian Brooks, PhD, University of Illinois
– Christopher Chabris, PhD, Union College
– George Dean, MD, University of Michigan
– Robert Ferguson, PhD, American Chess School
– Guillermo Isidron, MD, University of Havana (Cuba)
– Kenneth A. Kiewra, PhD/IM, University of Nebraska
– Danny Kopec, PhD/IM, Brooklyn College
– Tamara V. Korenman, PhD, Saint Xavier University
– Yona Kosashvili, MD/GM, University of Tel Aviv (Israel)
– Peter Maher, PhD, Webster University
– Alexander Matros, PhD/IM, University of South Carolina
– Joseph G. Ponterotto, PhD, Fordham University
– Kenneth W. Regan, PhD/IM, SUNY Buffalo
– Graham D. Rowles, PhD, University of Kentucky
– Loren R. Schmidt, PhD/FM, Heritage College
– Julian Z. Schuster, PhD, Webster University
– Balint Sztaray, PhD, University of the Pacific
– Martha Underwood, PhD, University of Arizona

ADVISORY BOARD (alphabetical order)

– Grandmaster Lev Alburt, New York, NY, author, chess teacher, former U.S. Champion
– Ms. Amy Bowllan, B.S. Concordia University, NYC, Emmy winning journalist
– Dr. Neil Charness, Florida State University, active researcher on chess and aging issues
– FIDE Master Leontxo Garcia, University of Madrid, Spain, international journalist
– Prof. Manuel Guillermo Nieto, Colombia (SA) Sch. of Engineering, International Arbiter
– Grandmaster Susan Polgar, Des Peres, Missouri, former women’s World Champion
– Grandmaster Kenneth Rogoff, Harvard University, Cambridge MA, former U.S. Champ


Frank A. Niro, Cornell University


Natasha Niro, University of Kentucky

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