Serbia Chess Championship – Round 5
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Ivan Ivanisevic with a full point advantage after five rounds

Serbia’s defending champion Ivan Ivanisevic singled out on the top after five rounds of the 2009 National Chess Championship have been played, holding a full point of advantage ahead of GM Bojan Vuckovic and GM Sinisa Drazic.

Ivanisevic won a difficult game against GM Dejan Antic in round four and then proceeded to win against FM Aleksandar Popovic in round five. GM Antic quickly recovered on the next day and scored an important victory with Black against GM Igor Miladinovic.

GM Branko Damljanovic also signed two consecutive wins and is still without draws after five rounds. Pay attention to the fine zwischenzug 37…Qh7! in his game with GM Nikola Sedlak.

Standings after 5 rounds:

1. GM Ivanisevic Ivan 2625 – 4½
2-3. GM Vuckovic Bojan 2572 and GM Drazic Sinisa 2533 – 3½
4-6. GM Pikula Dejan 2568, GM Bogosavljevic Boban 2526 and GM Damljanovic Branko 2573 – 3.0
7-10. Sarenac Ivan 2320, GM Rajkovic Dusan 2486, GM Perunovic Milos 2580 and GM Antic Dejan 2513 – 2½
11. GM Miladinovic Igor 2571 – 2.0
12. GM Sedlak Nikola 2572 – 1½
13. FM Popovic Aleksandar M 2325 – 1.0
14. IM Zlatic Mihailo 2463 – 0.0


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