The Italian National U16 Youth Championship was held in Olbia from June 25th to July 2nd. The Championship was organized by Accademia Internazionale di Scacchi.

697 young players from all over Italy came to the Geovillage Sport and Resort in Sardinia to participate to one of the biggest editions ever.

Italian National Youth Championship 2016

Along with the regular competitons, the organization of Accademia Internazionale di Scacchi provided interesting amusements for the participants and their families, which were almost 2,500 people enjoying the event, including blitz events, a mega simultaneous exhibition, FIDE Trainer Seminar and a special camp for the U8 kids!

The opening ceremony with more than 1,500 people crowding the center of Olbia was applauded as one of the most awesome in comparison with the previous 28 editions.

Italian National Youth Championship 2016

And just after a tiring round the black and white pool party helped children relax and have fun.

The after round events are something that is very important to the CEOs of Accademia Internazionale di Scacchi, who believe that players and parents do need as many ways as possible to enjoy tournaments, especially this kind of events which are for many participants their first time in an official competition.

Promoting chess was also possible with the help of the ladies taking part in the “Rumbo a la Gran Maestria” project, who were available to play a mega simultaneous exhibition with more than 100 people.

Italian National Youth Championship 2016

The 9-round tournament was also a qualification for representing Italy in the World and European Youth Championships. Starting from this experience the young players had the chance to live and breathe the air of a real big tournament with professional players analyzing their games after every round and learning how to approach to a competition with the right attitude.


U-16 Open
1 Carnicelli Valerio
2 Landi Alberto
3 D’Avino Gianfranco

U-16 Female
1 Di Benedetto Desirée
2 Giordano Giulia
3 Baronio Gaia

U-14 Open
1 Sonis Francesco
2 Pitzanti Matteo
3 Loiacono Antonio

U-14 Female
1 Palma Maria
2 Rinaudo Giada
3 Scagliarini Lara

U-12 Open
1 Bettalli Francesco
2 Bin-Suhayl Ieysaa
3 Zavattero Luca

U-12 Female
1 Maione Melissa
2 Garau Francesca
3 Gruden Martina

U-10 Open
1 Paduano Claudio
2 Pizzoferrato Mattia
3 Pozzari Simone

U-10 Female
1 Cassanelli Emma
2 Manca Maria Chiara
3 Gomirato Anna

U-8 Open
1 Fava Lorenzo
2 Gallina Alessandro
3 Isoardi Dario

U-8 Female
1 Fabbrucci Emma
2 Cammalleri Elena
3 Galli Beatrice Rosa