It is official! We are going mainstream!

As of 2 days ago, on behalf of (CDN), I signed a partnership agreement with an expert-driven, mainstream group media network company to share with the world my lifelong passion: Chess!

The people behind this gigantic project are some of the biggest names in the industry. Many of them had top level experience and positions with Google, Yahoo, News Corp, Hulu, MSN, etc., and they joined force behind this development.

They are working on huge improvement for CDN right now. The site will be completely revamped. The launch will be announced shortly.

Just as when we started in May 2005, there will be general everyday chess news, puzzles, chess tips, tournament announcements, photos, and much more. A new feature will be Parent’s Corner where parents / coaches from around the world can share their knowledge, experience, or even concerns in scholastic / college chess. This will be a very helpful tool for countless chess parents / coaches, etc.

In the near future, I am also adding a members’ only exclusive section. In this section, I will upload my daily video chess tips and lessons using my exclusive SPICE method. I will also invite special grandmaster guests to share with you their chess secrets.

This company will invest their time, money, state of the art technology, and resources to help CDN share chess with the mainstream audience. I want this to be a place where all of us who have something in common, our love for chess, can come together and share our passion.

My goal is to make our chess community bigger and better. I do not want the little guys to be left out. I am thankful that my partners saw my vision loud and clear, and they are willing to lend a hand with their state of the art technology, experience, and resources. Otherwise, I could never ever afford to do this 😁

I am very excited about this new opportunity. Chess, with all the vast benefits for people of all ages, is meant to be shared. Stay tuned for the official launch date! 😀

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