Karlovich: Ladies and gentlemen, would you please welcome Mr. Chu Bo, the head of the Chinese chess federation who is a special guest of the Olympiad. My first question is what do you think of the atmosphere and the Olympiad organization?

Chu Bo: I am satisfied with the organization level and the atmosphere which we have here. It’s very good and I personally like it very much.

Karlovich: We all know that China is a rapidly developing country, what chess plans do you have for the future?

Chu Bo: We want to organize more tournaments not only local ones but also international.

Karlovich: It would be quite interesting to know about the way you select the players for your team?

Chu Bo: The selection of players is quite strict and severe in our team. First we search for talented young players in cities and provinces. After this is done we select them for the national team. I would once again say that this is not at all an easy job.

Karlovich: What are the plans of your teams for this event?

Chu Bo: We are quite strong but it is clear that we don’t have any strict tasks – we just need to do as good as we can and achieve a very satisfactory result – that is what I would rather say.

Karlovich: Hou Yifan is the leading female player of the world. Have you ever thought of organizing her match with Judit Polgar? She is still better than Hou Yifan from the point of ELO rating.

Chu Bo: This is a very good idea but we need to get both sides to agree with this, I am quite happy if this match would become true.

Karlovich: Hou Yifan has recently got the Caissa prize what do you think of it?

Chu Bo: I am proud she did that, she is a hard working player and does deserve it, I am glad she has obtained such a spectacular result.

Karlovich: The last question to ask you, apart from Hou Yifan – what other players would you name, the players who can become as good as she?

Chu Bo: We have to return again to the question of selection. Generations change and there will obviously be someone who will come after her. She is a very good player and she does a great job, but there will be others to follow. And it is not just one or two persons.

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