The 32th edition of the International Open of Fourmies was played during week-end of Easter (22-24 march 2008).Three difficult days with 7 round of 2h/ko (3 games the secondday from 08.30 am until 22h30 with 12 hours of concentration and street for the “unlucky” players…

The german IM Thorsten-Michael Haub (2458) won the tournament alone with 6/7, with a perf on 2578, and above 2 IGM and 5o thers IM. He had won already an another tournament in France in december 2007, the open of Vandoeuvre (above IGM likeLazarev and Bauer, 2634, see Thorsten-Michael plays very often tournament in Franceand he have a very good reputation of strong and sympathic.

The was 151 players with 11 contries for more than 7500 eur of prizes.

The stad of Fourmies is the last city of the ch’tis side (see the new french film “Bienvenue chez les ch’tis”,, that have record of entries and success in France and Belgium.

Fourmies is not far from Belgium and from 175km of Paris.

Pl Nom Elo Cat. Fede Ligue Rd01 Rd02 Rd03 Rd04 Rd05 Rd06 Rd07 Pts Tr. Perf. FFE

1 m HAUB Thorsten-Michael 2458 SenM GER +46B +17N +12B +48N +6B =3N =4B 6 30,5 2578 2592
2 g LALIC Bogdan 2507 SenM CRO CVL +51B +24N +9B +7N =3B =4N =5B 5,5 32 2543 2532
3 m OKHOTNIK Vladimir 2460 VetM FRA LOR +56N +26B +8N +15B =2N =1B =7N 5,5 32 2514 2511
4 m BORSOS Bogdan 2357 SenM UKR +77N +23B =11N +14B +13N =2B =1N 5,5 31 2490 2499
5 m DOBREV Nanko 2427 SenM BUL CAZ +34N +20B =10N +11B =8N +23B =2N 5,5 30 2437 2426
6 g GULIYEV Namig 2570 SenM AZE IDF =37N +44B +32N +10B -1N +26B +21N 5,5 29 2481
7 m SHIRAZI Kamran 2422 VetM FRA IDF +69B +18N +27B -2B +35N +42N =3B 5,5 29 2440 2422
8 f LE QUANG Kim 2276 SenM BEL IDF +33B +55N -3B +43N =5B +38N +24B 5,5 28,5 2348 2348
9 m PERIC Slavisa 2258 SenM SRB CVL +45N +36B -2N +25B +34N =20B +22N 5,5 28 2295 2288

See full classement in official site :

Categories winners:

Vétéran : Okhotnik Vladimir
Junior (-20 year): Berthier Hugofe
male : Maupin Valérie
Régionale : Ait-Chaouche Samy
Département : Rolland Benjamin
Cadet (-18 year): Wunderman Xavier
Minime(-16 year) : Harnik Cécilien
Benjamin (-14 year): Verstraeten Reinaert
Pupille (-12 year): Lever Erwan
Poussin (-10 year): Sauve Anne-Charlotte
Petits poussins (-8 year) : Prokop Mathys

Report by Fabrice Wantiez

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