International Chess Festival Porto San Giorgio

Aug 22, 2011

The 23rd International Chess Festival Porto San Giorgio is taking place from 21st to 28th August in Palasavelli, Italy.

The organizers are managing four tournament: Open A with 179 participants, Open B (U1800) with 69 players, Open C (U1500) with 26 players and U16 round-robin event with 10 players.

Open A provides 14 regular and 13 rating prizes, with first place being 1200 EUR worth.

Top seeded are GM Oleg Korneev and GM Tamas Banusz, both returning to Italy after participating in the successful Forni di Sopra Open. Hungarian talent Peter Prohaszka, Ukrainian legend Oleg Romanishin and 2010 Livigno Open winner Igor Naumkin are also in the field.

Top rated players:

1 Korneev Oleg RUS GM 2588

2 Banusz Tamas HUN GM 2554

3 Prohaszka Peter HUN GM 2547

4 Romanishin Oleg M UKR GM 2526

5 Naumkin Igor RUS GM 2486

6 Bruno Fabio ITA IM 2466

7 Dvirnyy Daniyyl ITA IM 2436

8 Mogranzini Roberto ITA IM 2433

9 Martinez Rolly PHI IM 2419

10 Stella Andrea ITA IM 2412

11 Certic Branimir SRB IM 2402

12 Saptarshi Roy IND IM 2385

13 Fierro Baquero Martha L. ECU IM 2381

14 Palit Somak IND IM 2372

15 Suvrajit Saha IND IM 2362

16 Vuelban Virgilio PHI IM 2357

17 Vezzosi Paolo ITA IM 2350

18 Aleksic Nenad SRB IM 2340

Follow the top 12 board live on the official website

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