Chess: a game to grow up with

The Piemontese regional committee F.S.I., with the F.S.I. council patronage, will organize in Turin, from February 25 to 27th 2009, an International Convention on the theme: “Chess: a game to grow up with”, based on the chess teaching methods in school and on the chess teaching potentialities in the development of cognitive competences and learner’s personalities.

Within the convention, that will be held in English, with simultaneous translation into Italian, will find place, first of all, the presentation of some of the main and most recent scientific research plans on the subject and also the exposition of an outline, as much complete as possible, of the chess teaching experience and concrete methods in schools all over the world.

The convention will also be, on the other side, an opportunity to show the various realities of Italian chess teaching, to gather concerning precise data, and to compare them with the different international experience.

Both national and regional school representatives will attend to the convention, so that the goal of this meeting would also be to create and serve as a model for a closer cooperation between chess teaching and school instruction.

On the occasion of the convention, the Youth Didactic Commission for School – F.S.I. will also hold meetings finalized to draw up an ultimate document, which will be showed in the convention conclusive session, containing guiding lines for a predisposition of a common didactic protocol suitable, in the school system, throughout Italy, in order to better qualify the Chess Instructor role.

Should this be an important and appreciated opportunity to meet, compare and examine closely, we hope you will attend numerous to the contest and convention.

We thank you beforehand for your attention,

The president of the F.S.I. Piemontese regional committee
Dott. Roberto Rivello

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