Udeshi shocks GM Vokarev to inch closer to third IM norm
PTI, Jun 5, 2010, 10.28pm IST

MUMBAI: Local collegian Aditya Udeshi continued his dream run to inch closer to a third IM norm by defeating GM Sergey Vokarev Sergey of Russia in 59 moves in the Mumbai Mayor’s Cup international chess tournament on Saturday.

Playing with black, Udeshi opted for Sicilian defense, Najdorf variation. Instead of launching a king side attack, his Russian opponent, with an ELO rating of 3501, opted to exchange the queens on move 12, in a bid to take on the Mumbai youngster in the end game.

But he had not reckoned with Udeshi’s brilliant end game prowess with a two-pronged rook and knight attack against his king and was forced to sacrifice an exchange. Udeshi then played a good technical end game and won the contest.

Udeshi has already completed 2 IM norms and in this tournament has beaten two GMs and drawn with another to enhance his chances of securing a third IM norm.

In another upset, second seeded Grand Master Parimarjan Negi of India was beaten by in-form reigning commonwealth champion GM R R Laxman in 47 moves.

Playing with white pieces, Laxman opted for Catalan opening – by taking the inspiration from the recent world championship game between Indian ace Vishwanath Anand and Bulgarian Veselin Topalov.

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