Eye hospital conducts free surgeries in Anand’s honour
PTI | Sep 15, 2012, 04.41PM IST

CHENNAI: In an unique honour for five-time world champion Viswanathan Anand, a private eye hospital of the city has conducted 100 cataract operations on needy patients in the name of the chess wizard.

During the felicitation function, Anand was visibly flattered by the honour.

“This initiative is of a different level compared to my world champion crown of the elite game of 64-squares,” he said.

“But, I want to say that this is almost a bit flattering to have this done in my name, because, I think you cannot even compare what happiness we provide in sports and what they (hospital) have done.”

Anand was emotionally charged and said: “It’s an incredible honour to know that I have some connection and a personal touch with these 100 people. I am very glad.”

Talking about the initiative of Agarwal Eye Hospitals here, the chess prodigy said, “I think it is remarkable that they (the hospital authorities) are doing this for so many decades. That is fantastic commitment. We need many many more such initiatives.”

The hospital operated on 100 needy patients on cataract surgeries free of cost in honour of Anand who conquered the world championship for a record fifth time this year.

The 100 patients included people who have come to the city for the first time from far away places of the state and neighbouring Karnataka.

“The hospital has been involved in this charity work for the last four decades. Based on emergency, people are brought in batches to Chennai for operations,” said Dr Athiya Agarwal, director of the hospital.

It was a memorable day not only for the champion, but also for the beneficiaries.

Earlier, Anand inaugurated three operation theatres in the hospital catered to serve the needy.

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