Train with Jobava, Naiditsch, Bacrot, Sokolov, Predojevic, and Maze
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The Chess Evolution July edition is going to be published in just a few days. 2700 club players and top guest grandmasters are featured at this month’s top training and novelties, among them Jobava, Naiditsch, Bacrot, Sokolov, Predojevic, and Maze.

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Every of the Grandmasters has his own style and own approach to the game and you will get every view point on the subject at once! Thus, no matter if you are attacking, defensive, positional, professional, or amateur, you will receive a large scope of solid approaches for critical situations.

The July edition contains more than 50 commented games, including recent games of Magnus Carlsen, Wesley So, Candidates matches and latest top novelties and endgame tactics from competitions from the past months.

Besides, there is a puzzles section, endgame section by Georg Meier, and many useful diagrams.

The July edition of Chess Evolution will not be the typical book with analysis – it is showing all the great novelties, middle game tactics and engame strategies, but in an accessible and easy to follow way. The examples are well explained in simple words, making the point clear for a wide spectrum of ELOs.

The July edition is already available for pre-sale, get it now with 10% discount and free shipping by achieving an exclusive promo code at this contact form. Note: limited number of exclusive discounts available, the discount is also valid for past editions.

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