Nisha Mohota

International Master Nisha Mohota urges equal rights for women chess players
By Errol Tiwari
May 24, 2015

India’s International Master Nisha Mohota concludes her remarks in relation to British grandmaster Nigel Short’s criticism that women are inferior chess players.

“Jobs: Being a sportsperson in India has become quite a privilege in the past few years, as the government and Public Sector Undertakings have warmed up to us in a huge way. Besides the Government of India, many PSUs and banks have started recruiting elite level sportspersons as employees in the last three decades, as an encouragement to sports in our society. This served as a huge boost towards our careers, and Indian chess has been booming over the years! However, in recent times the number of players inducted by companies has grown smaller and smaller, and if we have to talk about top women players who have been recruited in the past decade – the numbers are quite insignificant! I wonder why women chess players are being discriminated against when it comes to sports recruitments, when in fact India is in the top ten countries in the world in women’s chess!

“Health, stamina, energy level: Men are physically stronger than women. Women have less stamina which is an essential component in a long chess game. Women have health issues every month which brings unpleasant moments for most…

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