I am starting an online set of chess courses, with live sound and video. The classes start in September.

Sign-up is easy at: http://www.ceylonvirtualschool.com/?q=node/61


I am starting two online courses in September. The classes run on Tuesday and Friday (they are separate) and last 10 weeks each. The courses will be live and have audio and video. Here is the info:


Ben will be conducting two online chess courses (10 lessons each) on:

* Instructive Attacking Games, Sep 9 – Nov 4, 2008 (Tuesdays)

* Complete Rook & Pawn, and King & Pawn Endings, Sep 12 – Nov 7, 2008 (Fridays)

Both courses will be conducted using a state of the art interactive online training center with high definition audio and high quality video. Each course costs $100 (an average of $10 per lesson). Further details on both courses can be found by visiting:


Ben Finegold

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