VIII Dos Hermanas Internet Tournament, March 16 – 24, 2007

For RESULTS see:

Schedule (all times EDT (New York Time) = CET-5):

March 16, 3pm
March 16, 8pm
March 17, 3pm
March 17, 8pm
March 18, 3pm
March 18, 8pm
March 19, 3pm
March 19, 8pm
March 20, 3pm
March 20, 8pm
March 21, 3pm
March 21, 8pm

• Winners of Qualifiers
• – T ICC Handle Real Name Score Players
– Q1 Smallville GM Hikaru Nakamura 9.0/10 475
– Q1 Anyuta GM Tigran Petrosyan 9.0/10 475
– Q1 bambampioute IM Cyril Marzolo 9.0/10 475
– Q2 Crest GM Sergey Shipov 10.5/12 322
– Q3 azerichess GM Shahriyar Mamedyarov 10.5/12 446
– Q4 IronMiron GM Miron Sher 7.0/7 348
– Q5 B-Savchenko IM Boris Savchenko 10.5/12 494
– Q6 zhong GM Zhang Zhong 10.0/12 317
– Q7 Nasimi GM Rasul Ibrahimov 11.0/12 415
– Q8 Talion GM Gata Kamsky 11.0/12 337
– Q9 D-Fridman GM Daniel Fridman 11.0/12 392
– Q10 LastKeks GM Farrukh Amonatov 10.5/12 342
– Q11 MasterBratac GM Jan Smeets 12.0/12 374
– Q12 LeonHoyos IM Manuel Leon Hoyos 10.0/12 329

First two knockout rounds of 32 and 16: March 23, 3pm
Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Finals start: March 24, 3pm
Note: Times are ICC server time, that is New York Time.

By March 11, the U.S. will switch to daylight savings time, while Europe switches on March 26 only. That means that the time difference between Central European Time and server time will be five hours. The starts of qualifiers will be thus 20:00 and 01:00 Central European Time, respectively, on every day.

You can check current ICC server time and compare to your local time by typing “date” while on ICC. All qualifiers have 12 rounds (Swiss pairings). The time control is 4 1. To play in this tournament, you must sign up via the website

The tourney registration form there is technically on the ICC website, so it’s safe to enter your password on that form. You can verify that you’re signed up via “finger”, as you will be placed in a group DosHermanas. Please make sure to sign up at least one hour before the first qualifier you intend to play in. One registration is enough to be able to play in all qualifiers.

Once you’ve signed up, all you need to do is log in at least 15 minutes before the tournament is to start, and look for directions from pear(TD). The tourney channel is channel 227. To help ensure a level playing field and no computer cheating, we are requiring all participants to use Blitzin, version 2.5x or Dasher 1.01 or later versions.

Participants must give their real name, country, and FIDE title when signing up. This information will be made public. The additional information, like playing location will not be made public.

Please read the full set of rules published on before joining the event.

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