Jeffery Xiong and Ruifeng Li

How about giving some credits to the right people?
By Paul Truong

Someone just sent me the link to the article on the USCF website about 14-year old Jeffery Xiong becoming GM. It infuriated me when I read it. What a piece of garbage!

The article praised Garry Kasparov, and basically attributed Jeffery’s success to Garry and the KCF. What nonsense!

Susan and I have known Jeffery for many years. He is a talented young player and he works hard on his chess. We also know his Coach and Dad very well. Jeffery Xiong has been coached by GM Babakuli Annakov​ (Frisco, Texas) for years. His family made a lot of sacrifices to give him the opportunity. How about giving some credits to Wayne Xiong​, his Dad, or his coach(es) as well?

Yes, Garry and his foundation do good work. It is true that Garry did spend some sessions working with Jeffery. But let’s not steal the limelight from the people who truly deserve the credits, Jeffery himself, his family and his coach(es).

A little about GM Annakov

GM Babakuli Annakov was born in 1972 in the Soviet Republic of Turkmenistan. He started getting heavily involved in chess at the age of 10 and became a Grand Master in 1997. His highest rating was 2619 in 2000. He is the first Grandmaster of Turkmenistan, now lives in Frisco, Texas. He is currently coaching many of the top young talents in the United States.

GM Annakov attended the prestigious Olympic Reserve School from 1985 to 1991 in Moscow and graduated from the Russian state Academy of Physical Culture and Sport in Moscow in 1994. GM Annakov was the co-winner of the 2003 World Open, the Texas state champion from 2001 to 2003, the 2001 and 2002 Southwest Open champion. and the 2004 Texas Masters Tournament champion. He also qualified for and played in many international events like the World Olympiad (twice) and the World Youth Championship.

Many of his students have achieved spectacular success over the years! He is a very good and unselfish coach!

Babakuli Annakov, Jeffery and Wayne Xiong



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