Stage 1b of the Top Computer Chess Championship (TCEC) is currently underway and there is little surprise: Houdini 4 and Komodo 8 are clearly dominating the field. After 10 rounds Houdini has the amazing 9,5/10, closely followed by Komodo with 9,0/10.

A total of 13 rounds are played and the winner of the Stage can be decided today in a decisive direct encounter. Houdini will take on the new upgraded Komodo 8 with the white pieces in a game starting at 11:00 CET at the official website. Update: win prizes by predicting the outcome of the game

The intrigue will continue through the day as only seven engines will qualify for the next stage and currently five – Spark, The Baron, Crafty, Senpai, and Junior – are battling for the last qualification spots.

The central game of the day remains Houdini 4 vs Komodo 8 live at 11:00 CET

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History: Komodo wins TCEC Season 5 / Stockfish wins Season 6/ Gull wins Stage 1a

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