I would like to congratulate Yifan for regaining her title! If she stays motivated, I believe she has the potential to go far.

Hou Yifan wins the 7th game and the Match!
by A. Karlovic

The 7th game of the Women’s World Championship Match finished in favor of Hou Yifan (China). Hou Yifan wins the World championship match against Anna Ushenina (Ukraine) with 5.5 – 1,5 score and becomes the World Champion.

The match was to consist of 10 games but Hou Yifan got the decisive 5,5 points already after 7 games. In the last, seventh round, Anna Ushenina needed to make a draw or win to stay in the match, but the Chinese player got stable advantage after the opening and was accurate to not to give chances for her opponent.

The closing ceremony will be held on the 23rd of September at 10 a.m. at the Taizhou Hotel. 

The idea of White is to break through and not let her opponent’s King to find any safe place on the board. Anna Ushenina tried to change queens to convert the game into the more or less balanced ending.

The last move 30…Qd4 was a mistake as White’s queen goes to the perfect square f6. After 31.Qf6 it’s hard to give any advice for Black. Hou Yifan just regrouped her pieces and Anna Ushenina could not defend against strong attack on her King.

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