Dear Signers,

My deepest thanks to the more than 132,000 of you who have stood with us in the fight to save the life of Andrea Sloan. As signatures and comments have poured in from across the globe, we see that fighting cancer and requesting from the pharmaceutical industry clearly defined and easily navigated policies for single patient compassionate use of experimental drugs are serious concerns for many.

You may have heard on the news that BioMarin continues to withhold the drug from Andrea that they recently referred to as “as good as it gets” when touting its effectiveness for her specific type of ovarian cancer!

We need a few more voices to stand with us to show BioMarin that if the FDA says yes to Andi and Andi is willing to accept the risks, and if her doctors agree with the FDA that this is the drug for her, we support her getting BMN 673, the drug that could save her life. We also wish to pave the way for you, should you ever need Compassionate Use access to an experimental drug, that the path to access would be clear and navigable.

Call to Action: Please share the petition link ( with five more friends, family members and colleagues and ask them to do the same. Please ask that they stand with you on this important issue.

For Additional Information: For updates, a daily word from Andi and for our daily calls to action, please visit our FaceBook Community: (cut and paste into your browser.) We would love to see all of you there!

I thank you, Andi’s Army thanks you, and most of all, our dear Andrea Sloan thanks you for taking time to support the fight for her life and the cause of Compassionate Use.

Carol Carter

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