Gelfand and Svidler exchange blows in the third day of the “2nd Gideon Japhet” match – VIDEO and PHOTO report
Jul 24, 2014

Two more games have been played in the Gelfand-Svidler match held in the 2nd Gideon Japhet Memorial Open Chess Tournament.

Gelfand won the 5th game in his favorite Gruenfeld Defence, but Svidler bounced back in the next round.

The Russian Grandmaster managed to maintain the lead and the current score is 3.5:2.5 in his favor. You can see the games with in-depth analysis in the viewer below.

The exclusive video coverage continues with another two interviews, combined with first-hand game analysis.

Gilad Japhet provided new videos, taken at the press conference after the third day of the match. Enjoy the extremely interesting question and answers (Svidler: ”Chess is a bit of brain virus”) and find out how being a top chess player helps you make important friends, like your local grocery store owner 🙂

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