Harold van der Heijden presents endgame studies database HHdbIV
Saturday October 2nd in Max Euwe Centrum, Amsterdam

Apeldoorn, September 16th, 2010

Dear chess friends,

Dr. Harold van der Heijden will present his endgame studies database HHdbIV on Saturday afternoon, October 2nd in the Max Euwe Centrum in Amsterdam. This fourth edition of the database contains 76.132 studies. It is by far the best and the largest database in the field of endgame studies.

Van der Heijden will offer the first copies to chess grandmaster Jan Timman and the reputed endgame studies composer and international master Yochanan Afek.

Hereby we invite you to pay attention to the endgame studies database in your medium. For further information or an interview you can contact Harold van der Heijden via

It goes without saying that you are very welcome to attend the presentation of the database in the Max Euwe Centrum. The presentation starts at 14:00 hours and will last an hour. Afterwards there is the opportunity for an informal meeting.

The address of the Max Euwe Centrum is Max Euweplein 30a in Amsterdam (

Endgame studies are composed endgame positions in chess.
Competitive tournament players can profit from the database HHdbIV in several ways:

The database is a rich source of information:
– The fourth version of this database contains 76.132 endgame studies
– It is the best and the largest database of endgame studies in the world
– The database contains 75% of all studies ever published
– The database is in standard pgn format and readable by all standard chess software

Competitive tournament players can use the database in their training to their advantage:
– The database increases the knowledge of typical positions
– With the database you can search for certain positions and motives (with the help of the free search program CQL by Lewis Stiller and Gady Costeff)
– Studying studies stimulates the development of creativity
– The database contains excellent material to improve calculation abilities
– By means of examining the studies players can improve their endgame tactics

The fourth edition of the database differs from the third version:
– 8.000 new studies have been included
– Tens of thousands of previous studies have been corrected or backed up by new variations
– The sources of the studies and corrections are presented (important for research)
– Several technical details are improved

Extensive information about the database can be found at

Dr. Harold van der Heijden (1960) is a world famous expert in the field of endgame studies. He is editor-in-chief of the leading international magazine EG, board member of the Dutch society of endgame studies ARVES and international arbiter for endgame studies. He wrote two books about endgame studies.

Harold van der Heijden works and lives in Deventer. He is leading a R&D section of a veterinary laboratory. He is married and has two sons.

The new database is welcomed by prominent chess players.

Grandmaster Artur Yusupov says:

‘Studies are an important part of chess culture. I use many of the studies for training my imagination and calculation abilities. The database of Harold van der Heijden is the best source if you are looking for lesser known positions.’

Grandmaster John Nunn says:

‘Apart from the fact that they provide excellent material for training calculation abilities, endgame studies open up a fantastic view on the artistic side of chess. The database of Harold van der Heijden is generally acknowledged as the most important source of studies.’

John Roycroft, the patriarch of the endgame studies world and founder of the magazine EG, says:

‘Enthusiasm and perseverance can create an extensive database. But is a performance of a different order to maintain, extend and improve the database in the course of almost two decades. And exactly that is what Dutchman Harold van der Heijden did, and we can all profit from it. Competition? There is no competition’.

Harold van der Heijden publishes the endgame database himself. The price is 50 euro. Ordering is possible via After having paid, one gets a login code, in order to download the database.

The location of the Max Euwe Centrum is chosen because of the phenomenal record World Champion Max Euwe has in promoting chess in the Netherlands. On top of that Max Euwe was interested in endgame studies. For example, he participated in the first Dutch competition of endgame studies composing as a judge. The centre continues his work by providing information, a museum and several activities.

This message has been sent in the name of Harold van der Heijden by Karel van Delft.

Karel van Delft

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