Pentala Harikrishna eliminated from Chess World Cup after losing tie-breaks

Pentala Harikrishna lost in the tie-breaks to compatriot SP Sethuraman as he exited the FIDE Chess World Cup tournament in Georgia in the second round.
OTHER SPORTS Updated: Sep 08, 2017 22:46 IST

Indian grandmaster Pentala Harikrishna suffered a defeat at the hands of compatriot SP Sethuraman in the tie breaker games of the second round and exited the FIDE World Cup in Georgia.

The 20th seeded Harikrishna, playing with black pieces in the first rapid game, started off neck to neck against his countryman and the tie breaker lived up to the billing.

Sethuraman was wary of his opponent’s attacking prowess in the first game and defended well to keep Harikrishna at bay and the game ended in a draw after a massive 58 moves.

After that grueling encounter, Harikrishna wanted to wrap it up in the second rapid game. But, it was here that Harikrishna was put under pressure as he just had one pawn to Sethuraman’s five in the endgame. From there on after, the 31-year-old from Hyderabad tried all tricks up his sleeve but could not save the game and was ousted from the tournament.

This was Harikrishna’s sixth performance at the FIDE World Cup but he feels there will be a seventh and will lookto focus on his next tournaments.

“Things did not go my way for this event from the initial stages, but I had given my best in every match I played,” Harikrishna said.

“Although it is a disappointment to end the tournament here but I will focus on my next events and come back stronger,” he added.

Harikrishna will be next seen in action when he features in the European Club Cup in Antalya Turkey in the second week of October.


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