Interview with Guy Ritchie (Madonna’s husband) I’ve interviewed Jason about five times in the last few years and every time I see him, I ask “When’s ‘Revolver’ coming out?” so I’m glad he’s done with that phase of his interview career. He has told me a few times about these chess matches between the two of you—they’re almost legendary at this point.

Guy Ritchie: Yeah, apparently we have some photographic evidence, too. We must have 100 pictures of different games that I’ve had with him.

CS: You guys were just playing chess and the ideas for this film just kind of evolved out of that or did you have other things that you merged into it?

Ritchie: I mean, golly, I’m not sure which came first, but chess just seemed like the natural illustration. I can’t remember how the process came around. I like chess a lot, it’s kind of a mystical game, too. It’s not an accident that there’s 64 squares and 32 pieces and all of those things fit into sort of mystical numbers and stuff, and each character represents a different aspect of humanity, so chess is kind of a mystical thing and I like it for that reason, and it’s infinitely deep, chess.

CS: He did say that you do tend to win most of the time.

Ritchie: Oh, he did? That’s unlike him. He likes to show off and pretend that he wins.


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