(Lifestyles Magazine Founder Gabriel Erem and Oscar Winner Michael Douglas)

Greetings from Canada! I arrived in Toronto for the special 40th anniversary bash of Lifestyles Magazine and to help with the 2016 Toronto World Chess Olympiad bid.

With over 140 nations taking part, this is an outstanding opportunity to advertise both Toronto and Canada to the world. The multicultural make-up of Toronto makes this city the perfect host.

As an intermediate step, we also aim to host the Commonwealth Chess Championship and the Pan-American Chess Championship. Various World Chess Championship are also available for bidding, such as the World Youth Chess Championships and the World Chess Championship itself.

This is an excellent opportunity to market Canadian products and services to countries around the world. The event will also be of interest to Canadian and global firms interested in reaching Canadian customers. (http://www.canadianchess.info)

Chess Daily News from Susan Polgar
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