Grandmaster Live Blitz with GM Henley – Accelerated Dragon / Pirc Defense

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Game 1: Azzuri 1600 – GM Ron W Henley 2870 Against my Accelerated Dragon, White played 7.f3 and 8.Qd2, which allowed immediate equality with 8…d5! White responded by exchanging knights on c6 and pawns on d5, but this just gives black pawn control in the center. With 17…e5 I established the e5/d5 pawn duo and after 25.fxe5 fxe5 I secured a connected passed e-pawn. I took over the f-file – 26…Rf8 and 29…Be5 began aiming […]

Chess for Beginners: Avoid Initiating Exchanges

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1 of the biggest mistakes I encounter in online chess classes with beginner students is the natural inclination towards making exchanges. It’s almost like many beginner chess players hear voices in their head telling them “You must trade a lot of pieces to win.” Now I’m not trying to say you have to completely avoid trading pieces – however it’s very important to understand and apply the concept of maintaining and increasing pressure in a […]

Chess Lessons with Your Child – Use Real Life Analogies

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When you teach your child to play chess, you’re giving them valuable tools that they can use in life. They can relate the lessons learned over the board to what is going on around them.I like to give a lot of real life analogies throughout my lessons. It makes teaching fun! There are many ways to do this, and I have shared my most successful analogies in my book, Chess Is Child’s Play. Real […]

Chess 960 on Chesscube: Pawn Sacrifices for Superior Development

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I played the opening very energetically and put good pressure on black with 4. f4!? – sacrificing a pawn for superior development. Black gave the pawn back with 6. …Qe7 and white was left with an enduring initiative in the center. Complications in the center left black down a piece, however white sacrificed the piece back for an attack with 15. Nxf4!? White’s speculative attack broke through and won decisive material. Follow William for fresh […]

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