Bruzon-Granda Match Attracts Attention in Pan-American Chess Event 

La Paz, May 11 (Prensa Latina) Cuban Grand Master (GM) Lazaro Bruzon will meet his Peruvian equal Julio Ernesto Granda, with the intention to win the Pan-American Chess Championship, currently held in the Bolivian city of Cochabamba. Brizon, who holds the highest ELO in the competition, just won half a point in the fourth round against Costa Rican Bernal Gonzalez and has scored 4.5 of five possible points, while Granda has a perfect score after victories in each presentation.

Peruvian Granda, with an ELO of 2569, will play with the white chess pieces.

Another Cuban GM, Isan Ortiz, will meet US International Master (IM) Justin Sarkar, with the intention of meeting with success again, after being defeated with the white pieces, in the fifth date against Granda.

Rodney Perez, the other Cuban representative in the tournament, just scored three points, and will meet Bolivian FIDE Master (FM) Carlos Saavedra.

The Pan-American Chess Championship is being held at the Hotel Casa de Campo, in the central city of Cochabamba and grants cash prizes to the 20 first participants, including $5,000 USD to the winner.

Matches of the Six Round:

-GM Julio E. Granda (Peru) — GM Lazaro Bruzon (Cuba).
-IM Marco Pacheco (Peru) — GM Eduardo Iturrizaga (Venezuela).
-IM Justin Sarkar (United States) — GM Isan Ortiz (Cuba).
-IM Rafael Prasca (Venezuela) — GM Diego Flores (Argentina).
-GM Sevag Mekhitarian (Brazil) — IM Jonny Cueto (Bolivia).
-IM Max Cornejo (Peru) — GM Axel Bachmann (Paraguay).
-IM Bernal Gonzalez (Costa Rica) — IM Joshua Ruiz (Colombia).
-GM Jorge Cori (Peru) — FM Matias Latorre (Paraguay).
-GM Oswaldo Zambrana (Bolivia) — Diego Lopez (Argentina)
-FM Ronald Campero (Bolivia) — IM Giuseppe Leiva (Peru)
-FM Carlos Saavedra (Bolivia) — IM Rodney Perez (Cuba)

Positions after five rounds:

With five points:

-GM Julio E. Granda (Peru)

With 4.5 points:

-GM Lazaro Bruzon (Cuba)

-IM Marco Pacheco (Peru)

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