If Tiger is clean, ‘what does it matter what the rest of them are on?’
By JIM LITKEAP Sports Columnist
Nov 22, 2007 – 07:05:00 CST

The PGA Tour announced Tuesday that its drug-testing program would begin in July.

No need to rush. Somebody’s built a better mousetrap already.

His name is George O’Grady, he’s chief executive of the European tour and during a lighthearted moment at the Presidents Cup last month, he pointed out there was only one golfer who really needed to be tested: Tiger Woods.

“If he’s clean,” O’Grady said with flawless logic, “what does it matter what the rest of them are on?”


Golf doesn’t have a drug problem yet, real or perceived, but only because nobody has figured out yet which drugs enhance which performances — and more important, whether by enough to make the time and trouble worthwhile.

…Yet some European nations where the tours do business began demanding the same regulations applied to other sports be implemented in golf. A steady drumbeat of busts in some of those other games began nudging public perception across the spectrum. Even the World Chess Federation caved a while back, voting to test competitors at select events.

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