The Golden Prague Festival 2013 is set to take place on 23rd-30th June at the Karlínské Spektrum, Karlínské náměstí 7, Praha 8 – Karlín, Czech Republic.

It will be organized by the Chess Club Holdia DP Prague and the Chess Academy Club in cooperation with DDM Prague.

The event will be divided in six groups, separated by playing strength and age categories, besides a rapid tournament and an IM-norms closed championship.

The main attraction is the A group which will be open for all the players. It will be played under the Swiss system with 9 rounds. The results will be submitted for FIDE ELO Rating List.

Rate of play: 90 minutes in 40 moves + 30 minutes untill the end of the game + 30 seconds for each move starting from the beginning of the game.

The pairings in the first 2 rounds will be made using the accelerated system.

Prizes: 1st prize 10 000 CZK, 2nd prize 8 000 CZK, 3rd prize 6 000 CZK, 4th prize 4 000 CZK, 5th prize 3 000 CZK, 6th prize 2 000 CZK, 7th prize 1 000 CZK, 8th prize 800 CZK, 9th prize 600 CZK, 10th prize 300 CZK.

Tournament website

Registered players (top seeds):

1 GM Meduna Eduard CZE 2416
2 IM Vávra Pavel CZE 2359
3 IM Možný Miloš CZE 2332
4 IM Přibyl Josef CZE 2315
5 Hába Zdeněk CZE 2235

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