Chinese Golden Team

Report օf the Ninth Round

The World Team Chess Championship ended with China’s confident victory. In the last round even in-draw would have been enough for Chinese to get the title of the champion but they continued their triumphal march and took victory over the Indian team with the score 3 : 1.

The Ukrainian team ended its match with Hungary in a draw and took the 2nd place. In order to get bronze medals the Armenian team should win the Egyptians and they fulfilled their task defeating the opponent with the score 2.5 : 1.5. The team of the USA showing successful game at the end of the tournament ended the match with Cuba with victory today as well. The Americans took victory with the score 3 : 1 and sharing the 4 – 5th places with the Russian team with additional indexes took the 5th place. The team of Russia taken the 4th place took victory over Israel with the score 2.5 : 1.5. So the 10th World Team Chess Championship is over.

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