GM Ivan Bukavshin wins Kharlov Memorial in Kazan
Nov 30, 2014

Rapid Chess Tournament in memory of GM Andrei Kharlov was held on 29-30th November at the Nezhmetdinov Chess Club in Kazan, Russia.

The Tatarstan Chess Federation organized the 9-round Swiss event with the time control 15′+5” and prize fund of 1700 EUR.

Grandmaster Ivan Bukavshin emerged clear winner with 7,5/9 points, leaving FM Dmitry Ospennikov and IM Evgeny Kalegin half a point behind.

GM Yakov Geller, GM Valery Yandemirov, GM Arsenij Alavkin, Vitaly Rodchenkov and IM Azat Sharafiev finished on 6,5 points each. 83 players competed.

Kazan is currently hosting the Russian Championship Superfinal

Photos by Salman Shaydullin

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